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We’re an ROI driven full-service digital marketing agency located in Toronto, Canada.
Time and again We’ve proved our place in the market by providing exceptional results to our clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting you the right organic exposure to have a competitive edge in the online world. Our team of SEO ensures that you get the rankings you need, not the ones you deserve.

Performance Marketing

Marketing practices laser-focused on getting maximum revenue out of your ad spends. Performance marketing is something that’s our forte, with Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat.

Search Engine Marketing

Google and Bing Search Ads, along with Display Network ads to increase the reach and potential of your marketing campaign.

Website Design

Full or a Specific Landing Page design overhaul for your Website. Our team of expert designers ensures that your website stands out in the right way, to maximize your conversions.

Inbound Marketing

From E-mail List Building to Content Marketing Campaigns for your Business to increase the exposure as your desire. A to Z of inbound marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram Management, along with Brand Awareness and Lead Gen Campaigns personally tailored for your Brand.

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Geared Towards Working Together.

We realize that your competition is always just a click away and creating a professional,
informative and easy-to-use website, on your budget, is our main goal.


We build a very solid base with our research, making sure that we do not miss anything. This step is what makes all of our marketing campaigns successful.


We design a marketing plan which works the best for your needs and your budget. You participate in the planning phase to ensure we carve the best roadmap for you.


Our team of dedicated marketers ensure that the execution is done right. Implementation of the strategies discussed and planned is delivered just as promised.


We build a very solid base with our research, making sure that we do not miss anything. This step is what makes all of our marketing campaigns successful.

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Why Choose Us.

Using out of the box marketing to give your business the edge it deserves. We at OrangEdge, make sure that every one of our client gets the best ROI for every Dollar out of their pocket.


With Orangedge it is ensured that you get the Marketing Edge you need. We ensure that you beat your online competitors hands down. We don’t build you castles in the air, we build you castles online.
That being said, as a full-service marketing agency, we make sure that you outperform all your competitors in all the marketing channels. So, with Orangedge you are insured, that you are on the road less taken, which leads you to the top in your industry.
With provide a wide range of services from Social Media Marketing, to Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Branding, Website Design, and Graphic Designing for your Business. You name it, we got it. While delivering all these, we at all times have our focus on quality, rather than quantity. Which adds another dimension to your marketing campaigns online. After all, Content is the King.


The team believes that no one understands your business better than you. But since you are busy running your business, you are looking for specialists who can help you achieve your online marketing goals—whether that is lead generation, enhancing your brand or a specific marketing need.

What sets us apart from other online marketing companies is that we make sure that you are informed about everything that’s happening, from strategy to implementation to reporting.

Our dedicated Account Managers keep in constant contact with our clients and are available at any time. Our communication methodology and the results we produce are what have led to a 95% retention rate and have made Edkent Media one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies.

Full Stack

We have clients over the globe and not only in Canada. So, we already know what it takes to tackle different segments of the market and the audience, which you might be targeting. We excel in SEO, SEM, Full Social Media Management for your Brand.


Communication is an essential part of the business. Our team ensures, that you get all your questions and concerns answered in a timely manner. However, that being said, do give us some time to revert back to your concerns. This is of course, for us to be able to assist you in your concerns and doubts with the highest efficiency without disrupting the workflow.
We try to be connected with our clients at all times and phases of the project. Which we think is essential to our and your business simultaneously.


We deliver monthly detailed reports for you to look at. And analyze the growth you had in the past month. Which we think is very essential. As you get informed about every key deliverable in detail.
Reports are generated on a monthly basis, and delivered to you by Email. However, you can ask for a Custom Report at any time of the moth once. We would be happy to do it for you, so that you are in loop of the progress begin done for your business online.
So, when you are with OrangEdge, you know we don’t build you castles in the air. We actually provide you with insight data drive results, with which you can compare and measure your progress and marketing efforts.


When we sign up with a Client. We make sure, that we only work with that client, in his industry in the given geographic area. This may, we are able to provide exclusive marketing service for our clients. Without any bleed out from inter client marketing strategies.
This way we make sure, all our clients get the best possible service to dominate their audiences in their service areas. While we make sure, when you switch from any other marketing agency, we set prior goals in place for us both. So that the client and our team have a better understanding down the road. We don’t go out and work with any business, we wait for the right match. This way we ensure, that we only work with clients, with whom we really make a positive change in their lives, rather than just running behind the money while chasing clients.


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Get Started.

we are not only qualified in major marketing channels online. We have worked with a variety of clients over the globe. And across different domains and sections of the industries.

Whatever your business, might be, we would have something to contribute towards its success. Get in touch now, and book a meeting with one of our team members to find out how we as a business can help you out in not only transforming your business, but transforming your life.

From our blog.

The Best Facebook Ad Placements for Sales

In today’s world, Facebook has surely turned into that magical wand for the marketers through which they can target almost any of the segment that they imagine. One of the reasons, that why Facebook Ads are trending so much these days is that this social media giant has done a tremendous and a fantastic work as expanding the horizons of the places where your ads will be shown. Thus, now before planning to enter this vast world of advertising, you must know that Facebook is no longer that one option platform. But with more placement options available, along with the benefits the responsibility for the advertisers has increased too. This is because now advertisers have to keep a close eye…

13 Sep 2019

The Importance Of A/B Testing For WooCommerce And Other Websites

There are a million ways to attract users. Marketing is all about analyzing what is best for the particular product or service you want to put in front of the customer for them to buy or use. It should attract customers and also inform them clearly about what should be done. There are a lot of methods by which you can figure out the marketing strategy that best suits the product or service. One of these methods is the A/B…

10 Sep 2019

How to Set Up Facebook and Instagram Dynamic Ads

In today’s world, asking a question like whether you are on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to anyone is no longer a question-answer thing, rather it has turned into a rhetoric question where almost everyone will answer with a yes. Launched in 2010 as a simple photo-sharing application, Instagram almost instantly gained popularity and in 2012 was acquired by Facebook. This move not only gave Instagram a secure position in the social media leadership board but similar to…

Learn how we create scalable and profitable brands with performance marketing
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Learn how we create scalable and profitable brands with performance marketing
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