July 2019

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18 Jul 2019

6 Proven Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment

Running a business in itself is a really daunting task despite you possessing fantastic business skills and when you are running an e-commerce business, then the task becomes all the more difficult, after all, you need to keep constant checks of high SEO rankings as well as lower rates of cart abandonment. However, you need not worry because we have prepared the perfect guide for you to under the above concept. What is Cart Abandonment? If you have opened a physical business place as in a shop then you can easily keep an eye on your customers so that no one goes without buying anything but when you have an e-commerce business then it is a bit difficult. It may happen that you have a nice website, high SEO rankings, a great landing page, a good business strategy, and wonderful products which are loved by your target audience but still,…

12 Jul 2019

What is Facebook Pixel and Why You Should Have It?

Advertising is a common way of marketing a product or a service. It is a sponsored and a non-personal message that promotes the product, service or an idea. Using this, you can get more traffic and sales. The advertisements can be posted on any social media, on a website, a blog, in-between videos and so on. You need to know how to attract customers using advertisements. You can analyze details and use them to market or remarket the product or services. To make this possible, the Facebook pixel is used. What is Facebook pixel? Facebook pixels are used to collect data from the advertisements and track conversions according to the number of clicks. This is said to work by placing and triggering cookies. It started as 2 parts, Facebook conversion pixel, and Facebook custom audience pixel. Now it is just called Facebook pixel. The results taken from this analysis can…

08 Jul 2019

Why Should You Invest Time In Content Marketing As A Brand?

Marketing is more than just a word and we hear it almost every day. It is all about promoting a business or a product to the target audience. It is the way through which the producers or the businessmen meet their customers and find ways to satisfy their needs through their services and products. Digital marketing, advertisements on televisions, making a poster and there is a lot more. Content marketing is also a type of marketing that has proven to be very successful in lead generation and sales and thus, has become more popular and is used by many brands and industries for marketing their product or services. This works well when you want to convey some information to the readers or viewers of the content. This article will take you through the basics of content marketing and why it is important to invest some time on content marketing as…

03 Jul 2019

SEO vs SEM for Small Business: What to Choose?

Growing a business is almost equivalent to developing and nurturing a child. In the present scenario, technology has brought out loads of marketing options, which makes it even more important for the person to take the right decision. Currently, with the popularity of marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), more people are in a dilemma about putting their major efforts in which tool. But you don’t have to go through the dense research work required to choose between SEO vs SEM or in other words choose between pay per click ads or sponsored ads. Here we will explain to you both the tools along with their pros and cons, hence making it a bit easier for you to choose and decide which tool will enhance your business better. Continue reading ahead to know more! What is SEO? SEO can be basically described as a…

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