Brand Guidelines – What is it And Why Work On It?

Published27 September, 2019

When you are running or introducing a service or a product, you are sure to come across the word ‘brand’ or ‘brand guidelines’. What exactly do people mean by that? A brand is something that provides the company with an individual identity which helps the company get a place in the market and in the mind of the customers.

Brand guidelines can be defined as a document that contains a set of rules on how the brand works. This can be used by the employees to make sure the company is presented in a proper coherent way.

What should brand guidelines contain?

It is very important for brand guidelines to have two different things. The identity of the brand which defines mission and vision, the tone, the personality and so on. These should be put in a very clear way to make sure even if you refer to it in future, it should be comprehensible.


These are used when you start a new company with current customers. It is always important to keep this perfect even in case you are rebranding. This is an important part of website making, visiting card making, logo designing and so on. Everything you do must exhibit your brand identity.

To make sure the brand guidelines have everything that you need to keep the brand going. The brand guidelines should contain the color palette. It should help the graphic designer keep up to the logo and other things that need designing. The typography and the font sizes and everything should be mentioned clearly. The imagery, the tone of the brand and other such things should be mentioned clearly.

On seeing the brand guidelines, one should be able to coherently understand your company and the way it is branded. Just like any other person, a brand also has a personality. It is important to maintain the personality and the characteristic of the brand. Make sure you maintain it in your guidelines.

The Reason for actually working on the Brand Guidelines:

It is not easy to come up with the guidelines. It takes up time and sometimes even money. It is important to know why you need to have brand guidelines. There are a lot of reasons.


Any customer expects some consistency from the brand or the company. With a well-made brand consistency, can give very good consistency. It sets proper standards for using the logo and the brand name and also other design elements in the advertisement, newsletters and so on.


It helps you maintain the integrity of the brand and hence it can increase the recognition you have got, as a brand. Anything from your company, starting from the name board to any advertisement or website should communicate the identity to your brand. It is to make sure your brand is recognizable and also very reliable to the customers.

Remember that even when you send an email, you need to put the logo in the footer. This also comes under the brand guidelines.


It is never easy to put your brand in the minds of the people in a way that it stays unique and succeeds in spite of having a lot of competition. Proper brand guidelines can help your brand or company stay distinguished from the rest of the competition. Adhering to the brand guidelines will keep you sticking to a set of rules that make you stay recognizable. It creates a kind of customer loyalty, even though the word of mouth.



The brand guidelines can help you build or demonstrate a relationship between the brand and the customer. It can also help you develop a relationship with other associated parties. It helps people identify you properly.

Helps you Stay Focused:

stay-focusedYou can stay focused on what should be done if you have proper brand guidelines. These help you have perfect interaction with your audience. The brand guidelines are well-set rules that help you maintain consistency in a very effective way. It helps you stay focused on what you should do and how exactly to do it, also helping you keep up to the identity the brand has created.

Keeps up the value of the brand:

These guidelines help you keep the name of your brand in front of other competitors and the target audience. When you are following guidelines, you tend to be perfect in your work and what you are doing. This makes the customers and other people feel that you are more professional. It helps you maintain the integrity of the brand of your image.


This is something that is worth putting some effort on as it can help a lot in the present and in the future. It helps you in many ways and can also help you key in very good marketing strategies. These can help you keep up to the customers and also with the growing competition. It is very important to make a perfect set of guidelines to help you run the company properly.

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