How to Increase Sales With SEM Product Ads

Published30 August, 2019

In today’s world, Search Engine Marketing or SEM as it is commonly known as, has turned out as one of the most effective ways of attracting website traffic on your online platform. Though very much similar to the SEO or Search Engine Optimization marketing channel, one must not confuse SEM with it.

The main difference between SEO and SEM is that SEO involves ranking within Google algorithm where the website appears in Google search results but the basic function of SEM is that it makes your website visible to a larger and broader audience. Once upon a time, SEM advertising was used by digital marketers to describe all the online marketing things whether it be SEO or SEM. But recently, the trend has changed and SEM has got a very particular and specific kind of definition in the world of online advertising.

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According to this recent definition Search Engine Marketing is a paid form of advertising which is used for search engines. So, no matter whether you have just started your business, have your own small business or the website of your company has just gone live, SEM is one amazing advertising technique which can prove to be extremely efficient in achieving your goal of increasing your ROI. Does the idea of Search Engine Marketing attract you? If yes, then continue reading because we have gathered the topmost ways through which you can have higher sales with SEM Product Ads.

Double Investments:

Other than an interest in the field, the next important motivation behind running a business is to make loads of money, which is absolutely right to believe but hard to do in reality sometimes. However, there are some search engines such as Bing and Baidu which offer good opportunities for one to earn more money but when talking about Google, it is the best platform which offers amazing deals for cashing in bundles of money.

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It has been seen that on an average, advertisers on the Google Ads platform earn around $2 for every $1 that they spend. In other words, it means that the advertisers can easily double their investment in the program if they know the knack of the business they are stepping into. Though Search Engine Marketing certainly offers the potential to make more money from their online marketing campaigns to businesses all this proves to be effective for you only if you know how to achieve these results.

You can easily reap the multiple promised benefits of SEM if your company knows how to launch a successful ad campaign or they work with a marketing agency who knows the trick to have successful ad campaigns.

Buy High Rankings for Your Website:

The winner of this game of online marketing is mainly based on the fact that which company is successfully able to draw the maximum traffic to their website. If you know a bit of online marketing then you would know, that people these days are very busy and with little patience levels. Thus, when they search for something, they tend to click and visit websites frequently which are displayed on the Google Search Engine’s first page.

rankings on googleSo, the competition in online marketing is all about to grab the top rankings on the search results page. In SEO, you have to do a lot of hard work to maintain the top rankings while the procedure is a bit simple and fast in terms of SEM. For making your website appear in the first few results that pop on the search results page, with SEM you just need to pay for higher search listings. This will lead to your website having a higher ranking and thus in return having a higher click rate.

AdWords by Google is considered as one of the most popular advertising products that have been used by advertisers but recently social media websites such as Facebook are now beginning to offer the Pay Per Click or PPC services as well.

Boost Your Conversion Rates:

There is absolutely no doubt that money-making is the primary goal of any business or any marketing campaign but it can also not be ruled out that conversions are also one of the most important key points in a marketing campaign. As far as conversions are concerned in an online marketing campaign, then one should be aware that every single conversion is important and valuable even if it is a new newsletter sign up or a bunch of new subscribers.

How to Increase Sales With SEM Product Ads boost conversion rates 3

After all, this shows that your website is gaining popularity in the audience and is gearing positive reviews from them as well. One of the things that you might not know about paid ads is that they are usually linked to conversion-focused landing pages and thus drive online website traffic through the sales funnel. In other words, this means, that more the online website traffic, the more are the chances of conversions.

Therefore, Search Engine Marketing is considered as a really important conversion driver because unlike organic search results which are rarely linked to landing pages, paid ads usually are. So, one might understand that while SEO can support the brand awareness campaigns as well top of funnel efforts of your company, but SEM advertising or paid ads can be used to achieve a more specific goal and end of funnel conversions.

Broaden your Visibility:

After setting up the business, the next important step is to spread the word about your brand or company amidst the audience so that they know about you as well as the products or services you offer because ultimately this spread of word will make the audience select you over other brand names. Therefore, it is very much essential that in the first few weeks of launching your business, you focus properly on the publicity and are not shy or timid.

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Understand that more online traffic you drive to your website, more are the chances of you getting potential loyal customers. While SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a low – cost method which focuses on increasing the website’s visibility in search engine results by focusing on keyword placement, Search Engine Marketing is a faster and easier way to increase the odds of your company generating repeat traffic as well as returning clients.

SEM requires a small investment on your part as in this marketing campaign you use paid placement, paid inclusion as well as paid contextual advertising. In comparison to SEO, it is considered that SEM or the pay per click (PPC) method gives you a higher return rate because it is available to a broader audience.

Works Great for Small Businesses or Local Marketing:

One myth that many people believe regarding Search Engine Marketing is that it costs a lot of money which often overpowers the associated benefits. But this holds false in most of the circumstances. The thing is that if you know what you are doing and have a proper strategy in hand then SEM can prove to be extremely beneficial for you too. Also, it is not essential that you need to have a large budget or a big capital to run ads for Search Engine Marketing, and can even begin with as little as $5 or $6.

Being available in such small and limited budgets, SEM is suitable even for small business or multi-location businesses as they can easily spread their budget amidst their numerous location-based ad campaigns.

How to Increase Sales With SEM Product Ads local marketing 5

The reason why SEM is a must-try advertising technique for local marketers is that spending low budget on ads can still earn them numerous benefits. Though the results may vary according to the budget still, SEM is undeniably an effective tool for driving in increasing traffic as well as for getting larger conversions even on small budgets.

You may ask that how local marketers can benefit for such paid ads marketing campaigns, but the fact is that when people like you and me search for local services such as car washing or plumbers, etc. online, then they are none other than local SEM experts who connect such queries of ours with the local businesses and ads listed in the search engines.

Moreover, you would be surprised to know that local marketers also benefit from an added advantage as far as SEM results in Google are concerned. According to this, Google gives the top three spots on the search results page to the local ads when people search with some location-based terms like a city name or with the ‘near me’ keywords. It has been seen that the searches for local services have led as much as 75% of the users to the offline stores to crack the deals or make the purchases within a span of just 24 hours. Moreover, in the year 2016, Google launched a digital ad package by the name Local 3 Pack.

Enjoy Immediate Results:

You may think that there is nothing better than getting wonderful results from an advertising marketing campaign, but you are wrong because instant amazing results are surely better. Search Engine Optimization and many other digital marketing schemes are long term games which no matter how much of efforts you put in will take a minimum of 6 months to generate substantial traffic but the best part about Search Engine Marketing is that it starts delivering wonderful and impressive results almost immediately.

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You will be surprised to know that an ad takes literally minutes for creation. Although for an ad to appear in the search results, it has first to go through an approval process which takes some time but not longer than 1 day. So, one can say that an ad takes around just one or two business days to appear in search results. Obviously, an SEM advertising campaign is a lot more than creating an ad and includes things like campaign maintenance as well as optimization.

But the point is that you will be done with step 1 of your long journey in just a day or two. Thus, as soon as your ad is launched you are open for the opportunity of getting more clicks as well as higher sale ratio. Hence, you cannot deny that Search Engine Marketing is surely one of the fastest to launch online traffic strategies in the market.


If you have been wondering whether SEM actually works or is just a scam before reading the article, then we hope that after reading all these above reasons you would finally agree that SEM is an incredible, efficient and a fast way to popularize your brand name in the audience as well as to shoot up your sale ratios.

Not only SEM gives you the opportunity to have larger conversions, more revenue earning and a higher ROI but also allows you to enjoy all these benefits almost immediately. Moreover, with its flexible budget sizes, SEM advertising is a boon for local marketers, small businesses as well as for mobile users. So, now with a small budget, you can not only appear at the top of SERP’s but also get a number of flexing options for your marketing campaigns.

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