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Optimizing your Google PPC Ad Copy for Higher CTRs

Creating a Google PPC Ad campaign is one thing and maintaining it ensure a strong ROI from these campaigns is another struggle. People usually complain that after a certain time,…


How to Split Test your Landing Pages the Right Way

In the toolkit of a modern marketer, landing pages are quite an important tool if you are looking for higher conversions. After all, it is by driving the potential visitors…


Top Plugins you Got to Have on Your E – Commerce Store

With a continuous increase in the business of online stores, the options for building the same have grown rapidly over the course of the past few years. Though there is…


Brand Guidelines – What is it And Why Work On It?

When you are running or introducing a service or a product, you are sure to come across the word ‘brand’ or ‘brand guidelines’. What exactly do people mean by that?…

What is the Best Facebook Ad Bidding Strategy?

Want to beat your competitor in the Facebook ads race? Are you having trouble in maintaining a stable cost while raising your budget? Are you not receiving the cost per…


How to Spy on Your Competitor’s SEM Campaigns?

It is no secret that the e-commerce industry nowadays is highly competitive which is quite apparent in the area of pay per click advertising and SEM campaigns. With many heavyweight…


The Best Facebook Ad Placements for Sales

In today’s world, Facebook has surely turned into that magical wand for the marketers through which they can target almost any of the segment that they imagine. One of the…


The Importance Of A/B Testing For WooCommerce And Other Websites

There are a million ways to attract users. Marketing is all about analyzing what is best for the particular product or service you want to put in front of the…

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