The Importance Of A/B Testing For WooCommerce And Other Websites

Published13 September, 2019

There are a million ways to attract users. Marketing is all about analyzing what is best for the particular product or service you want to put in front of the customer for them to buy or use. It should attract customers and also inform them clearly about what should be done.

There are a lot of methods by which you can figure out the marketing strategy that best suits the product or service. One of these methods is the A/B testing method. This can also be used to test E-commerce websites. These need to be good enough and very attractive to make sure it works out well and also the customers find it easy to go through it and do whatever they want to do.


What is A/B testing?

Each person who sees your advertisement or visits your website is very important as every view or visit is an opportunity for you to build your business by acquiring a new customer. The important part here is the way you plan on doing the conversion to make sure you increase the conversion rate.

A/B testing aims at increasing the conversion rate by comparing two versions of an app or an advertisement. It aims at the landing page. In this method, two or more variants of the page or the app is showed to a few users at random and with their reaction, an analysis is done. This analysis based on the user is used to determine which variant can be used to go towards a better goal.

In case you already have a properly working app or website, you can have the old one and make one with modifications and do the A/B testing with both and use the one that has better results. This can generate more leads as you are using the interface that is more friendly and more loved by the customers or the users.

Why is it important to follow A/B testing?

Visitors find it easy:

When a visitor wants to get into your Ecommerce website, they want to buy something or check offers and other things like that. So, they come into your website with a goal. You might create the website with an aim in mind but users may find it difficult to use it and get their goal fulfilled.


The bad user interface or experience can have a lot of negative impacts. This technique can help you make your website much better and worth using for the customers. The A/B testing method can help you get the layout which the users find easy to use and hence develop the conversion rate.

Lower risk:

Usually, when you plan on changing something on your website, there is a small risk that customers might not like it and it may have a negative impact in that case. When you modify the page after an A/B test, there is no risk of making the page worse. you are making sure that the small or big alterations you make are more friendly and useful to the customers and it helps you generate more traffic and leads. There are no chances that the change will decrease traffic.

online-navigation-riskWith this method, the update can be made with a surety that it will work better than the previous version did. You can also launch features depending on the research. On the whole, you will have a better outcome.

The point here is that the main aim of marketing is to convert more traffic into leads and this kind of result can help you get very successful.

How exactly should the A/B testing be carried out?

Collect the data you need:


Before you are planning to update the website, you need to check how your website is working and where exactly you need to change or update. Look for pages with lower and higher conversion rates to check how to improve your page. Try collecting the data on all the pages and analyze it to get ways to improve it.

Set the goal(s) clearly:


You must always set the perfect goal in your mind before you start working towards it. The goals depend on the website and your company. The goal can be clicking a button, signing up, getting the contractor in case of an E-commerce website, buying a product. The goal in case of E-commerce can get a fixed number of sign-ups or make a lot of sales.

Prioritize ideas:


Once you have set the goal, you will start getting ideas and ways to be able to reach the goal or even cross the set goal. First, check if it is possible to implement all your ideas. Sketch and go through it and think if it will actually help you reach the goal. Eliminate if you think it will not be very useful to reach your goals. Prioritize the ideas based on the ease of implementation and in terms of how good it is at helping you reach a goal.

Work on creating or updating:

The next thing here is to implement the ideas that you had thought of. Make different variations of the website. Even if you are updating, you can make different variations. The difference between the two variations can be small but sometimes, small changes create a great impact. A change in the color of a button or a size is also a change. It is also fine to make huge changes and compare. Some people also do the A/B testing in parts. Like, change it part by part to find where there is a problem and which part of the website needs improvement. You can get more specific this way.

Send it to the users:


Divide the variants equally among your users or customers. You can randomly choose a few out of the target audience. Check what the reactions are. Analyse properly to know which variation has more people landing on your page and which can reach your goal faster. Make very deep research.

Making a small mistake in the analysis can cause a very bad effect. So make a proper analysis and get your website much better and develop your business through your E-commerce website.

Get the best page using the result:

With the results that you get from sending it to the user, make the best choice and use that variation. Put it online and wait for it to get your website better customers and followers. This can develop your business and it is one of the easiest ways. All you need to do is research and apply the analysis properly.

Common mistakes made during A/B testing:


There are some common mistakes that are made during this testing. The one common mistake that can lead to a lot of mistakes is using unbalanced traffic. Say you send one variation to 70% and the other to the rest, then the result you get is not perfect. You must divide it equally for getting an accurate and better result.

The next mistake is timing. You need to be able to put the details on the right time. This can help you get more views and hence better results of what happens.

Significant results have to be noted properly. Use the way you made the previous A/B test to get this one better. experiences can help you better in judging and getting to know better ways.


There are a lot of things that you have to do to make sure A/B testing works at full efficiency. This is a way to reduce a lot of risks. The most important thing is that you have to do this testing regularly. After doing it once, you cannot just sit back and wait. Customers expect updates at least once in a while and every time you plan on an update, consider an A/B testing.

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