Drive Sales & Revenue with Organic Love

With expertise in ecommerce seo, we can help your brand reach new heights while leveraging organic search traffic.

Establish an organic pipeline of sales and revenue by standing out in front of relevant users with buying intent.

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Breaking a stagnant revenue stream within a month with regressive marketing

Build Authority in front of your Customers

If Google doesn’t know you, your target customers won’t either. Google’s first page results capture 71% online search traffic, and it is reported to be as high as 92% in recent years.

Getting discovered early on in your customer’s journey, not only establishes you as an authority in front of your customers, but also increase your chances of closing the sale as compared to your competitors.

Website Design

Ecomm SEO final too 1

Website Design

Ecomm SEO final too 1

Constant Sales Pipeline

A strong search presence, not only builds an influx of traffic and recognition in your industry for your Ecommerce Brand, also fills your Sales Pipeline on Autopilot. 


What this means, for your Ecommerce business is sales day in, day out passively. One of the major reasons, emerging Ecommerce Brands dedicate a stand alone marketing wing to work on their SEO.


Lower your Advertising Costs

Organic Sales beat every other source, in terms and revenue and retention, hands down. Compared to Paid Media, SEO drives sales at at least 300% more ROI to the former. 


This not only helps you Lower your Advertising Costs, but also scale your profits at the same time, i.e., more revenue, and less dollars invested.


Website Design

Ecomm SEO final too 1

Website Design

Ecomm SEO final too 1

Strengthen your Paid Media Funnel

Ecommerce SEO not only brings in more ROI as compared to your Paid Media efforts, but also compliments and strengthens your Paid Media Sales Funnels.


While capturing audiences at the prime of their buying intent, your ensure that your pixels are learning with the highest quality audience there is in your industry.


Our Process

Complete Site Audit

Auditing your website, your competitors, trends in the industry, and details which give you an overall picture of the situation. The audit paints a picture about how your SEO Campaign is going to look like.

Complete Site Audit
Account Setup

Working on critical and high priority tasks which are essential including ensuring Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, and Google Merchant Center listings and feeds are set up correctly.

Account Setup
Technical SEO

Ensuring KPIs like Site Speed, UX/UI, URL Structure, Navigation, Indexing are properly addressed and fixed and optimized as a good base layer to build your SEO Campaign on.

Technical SEO
Keyword Research


Exploring elevant product keywords essential for your products to rank for. Reviewing the keywords, and tackling them on priority basis while keeping you in loop.


Keyword Research
On Page Optimization

Preparing a content centric plan that fits your needs, and drives value and relevance to your product pages. Including local landing pages and presell pages to drive highly relevant inbound traffic to product pages.

On Page Optimization
Link Building

Approaching lucrative link Building opportunities, which make sense according to your industry/niche and budget. This step is often extended for months, and is a repeat process as it takes time to build trust and authority with relevant link building in the eyes of search engines.

Link Building
Measure and Scale

Working on monthly dashboards and measuring results and KPIs which matter. Directly correlating hard metrics for your Ecommerce Business, and planning to scale your Campaigns to drive growth.

Measure and Scale

Why Choose Us

Advanced SEO Strategy:

A customized and comprehensive seo strategy to scale your ecommerce store, and grow your revenue organically. We at OrangEdge, believe Ecommerce Businesses have a soul, and there is no one size fits all approach. Hence, we design top to bottom seo campaigns different for different stores, just like the way they should be.

Constant A/B Testing:

We as Marketers know how important is A/B testing is, for constantly seeing what’s working, and how we can improve on your inbound campaigns. Our team is constantly testing out new copies, different CTA elements on your Landing Pages, the content you use to target your customers. We make sure that every element of the process has been tested to be a best fit for your audience. Hence, you have a peace of mind, that we left no stone unturned.


We understand the importance of effective communications in a positive customer journey and outstanding customer experience. That is the reason, our team of SEO experts provide you with regular updates on the progress of SEO Campaigns. That being said, it is ensured you are aware of each stage, and are included in any key decisions to help steer the SEO Campaigns the way you would prefer for your business.

Reporting and Analytics:

We thrive on data analysis, figuring out the trends, and making KPIs better, day by day. We have a proven record of scaling while keeping the performance a priority. Knowing when to hit and where to hit, is only possible when a team does deep data analysis with transparent reporting, and we do that, exactly

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of helping search engines understand your content better, and providing them with clues to help rank your website higher in the search results.

All in all, as the name suggests, it is practice of optimizing your website for search engines so you get more people landing on your website and interacting with your business.

There are several moving parts to this, as SEO in Toronto involves Keyword Research, Technical SEO, On Page Optimization, Link Building, Local SEO, and Technical SEO. Let’s get on a call and discuss how we can help your Business achieve the results you’ve dreamt with a crisp custom tailored strategy.

There is no exact answer to that. SEO Pricing depends on a lot of dynamic factors, but mostly the most important variable in the equation is how competitive the industry and search terms are, with which you are trying to rank for?

Also, another thing which determines the pricing of your SEO is the quality of service you get. Good SEO will never be cheap, and cheap SEO will never be good.

Using a cheap SEO would look good in the short term, but you would highly risk getting penalized as cheap seo services often use black hat techniques to help you boost your rankings. But later, you risk getting penalized by google, and never having to land on page ever again. So pricing depends on various factors.

We at OranEdge, would love to discuss your package for you, and follow a custom tailored approach, and discuss the deliverables and timelines. We do have a basic structure of our packages, and the level of service we provide, but we often make changes to them depending on the need of our clients and scope of work.

Again, that is a very subjective question and there is no one size fits all answer to this. It can depend on the time and effort you are putting into your SEO strategy and execution. And your industry and competitors have a major role to play in that as well.

According to a survey, generally it takes anywhere from 9 to 16 months for a webpage to gain the desired ranking. But that is a general trend. Again, for your business, it may take more time, for some it may take less.

However, by analyzing your website and competitors, we should be able to give you an estimate of how much work there needs to be put in, and we can have a ballpark timeline. As in the world of SEO nothing is definite. If someone guarantees you rankings in 6 months, etc. They are just trying to get your money by saying what you need to hear. We at OrangEdge, believe in presenting you the right image backed by data and analysis.

If done correctly, SEO can help boost your business organically and bring in a ton of customers, while building trust and authority, since they found you on the first page of search results.

That being said, reaching that stage, can take hard work, and patience, and discipline. SEO is a great investment, but many people mistake it as being a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. Which it is definitely not. Sure, a great investment, which can help you take your business to the next level, but it takes time and effort.

As you can see, there is a basic one time setup fee with our packages, which involves some basic setup of your website, including Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Tag Manager setup along with some basic setups which are required for you to begin the work on SEO.

However, we waive off the initial setup fee, if you sign up with a 3 month retainer. That being said, our basic one time setup fee is the same across all plans, and costs about $300.

We at OrangEdge work tirelessly to bring you the results you deserve, and help you get the most ROI for your every single penny spent.

That being said, if for whatsoever reason, you believe that you are not satisfied with our service, you can back out at any given time. 

Yes and No. SEO is all about beating your competitors. If you stop working on your SEO and your competitors, keep working on it, even though you are ahead in the game, someday they are going to catch up, and you won’t be the number one. But if they don’t, you might get to stay at the top unless.

But that rarely happens. A good idea is to keep working on your SEO constantly and gradually so that you keep building and improving your rankings by optimizing your website better and better by authenticity and trust.

We sent out monthly reporting dashboards, which list down the work which was done including any optimization work, inbound links which were built, and the progress and movements of your rankings for relevant keywords would optimize your website for.

This gives you an in-depth look at the work which we did, and how it is helping you keep on track to rank higher and higher in the search results.

Yes, we do offer Google PPC Services. The packages for PPC services are structured a bit differently, but we will be more than glad to talk and analyze and help integrate that into your SEO Plan and Pricing.

SEO and PPC perform great together, as they give you an initial boost, and a constant flow in traffic, which gets you track, where you can keep working on SEO in the coming months.

No, you don’t necessarily have to sign a contract, as we highly believe in the quality of our service. If an agency makes you sign a contract, it usually means they are not confident enough in the quality of service they provide, so they want to lock you in.

We at OrangEdge, highly believe in the quality and positive value our services offer for your business. And that is the reason, you can leave us whenever you want/ This gives business owners a good indication that we value customer service and value more than anything

Local SEO refers to the practice of optimizing for specific local areas where your business operates. It involves citations, and boosting your Google Maps Rankings, and optimizing your Google My Business Profile to achieve targeted local customers interested in your Business.

For example, if you are a florist in Miami. Optimizing your website specifically for terms like “florist in Miami” instead of terms like “florist” or “florist in Florida”. This ensures that you get highly targeted people, who are relevant and are searching for the services you provide in your area.

Keyword Research is a process in which we use industry leading tools and services including Google’s own first party data to look for what your ideal customers are searching. And then analyzing competition on relevant search terms, and then build a custom tailored strategy for your business to help dominate the search results.

Link Building is the practice of getting inbound links from authoritative websites in your industry. This not only helps your website build trust and authority in the eyes of google, which in turn boosts your rankings, but at the same time, brings good referrals for your business via those links.

For example, if you own a flower business in Miami, and your website got an inbound link from the local Miami Magazine website, this will not only tell google that your business is authentic and relevant, but also the readers of that magazine would check out your website. A good link building campaign is always a win-win.

We carefully strategize your link building plan to ensure that all the links you gather are relevant and high quality, and help you stay away from any possible penalties that Google might impose on your website otherwise.

Local Citations are listings of your Business which help improve the local search results for your Business. In a broader perspective, building citations to your business is like Link Building for your deep general pages.

However, link building is still an important dimension of the equation along with NAP Citations. They help boost rank and build trust with search engines, that your Google My Business Listing is authentic and legitimate.