App Marketing : 10 ROAS with Scale

App Marketing : 10 ROAS with Scale Snackstar app marketing orangedge case study 1
App Marketing : 10 ROAS with Scale snackstar 2

Client: Snackstar

Category: Performance Marketing, App Marketing

Website :

Mobile Application:  Snackstar App


Snackstar is one of the first online international snacks store. Snackstar is a platform where you can find all your favorite imported candies, chocolates, and snacks.

A great avenue for munchies & go-to for all your snack cravings. In 30 years of importing & offering our offline tie-ups with the renowned best, they know exactly what you crave to satisfy those unforgiving munchies.


Snackstar was already doing above industry numbers on the website, the biggest challenge was to beat those numbers using App, and provide the scale without being expensive on the paid media side.

This kind of scale and new app marketing requires a lot of testing on the audience and creative combinations. We needed to be proactive in analyzing the data and carrying out the optimizations.



Harnessing the power of Website Events

The brand was already growing through website, but they wanted to push app on the new user, to have a new revenue channel. So we harnessed the pixel events from the website to create lookalikes for app install campaigns


Aggressive A/B testing

Experimenting lots of relevant audiences in TG with videos that resonated with the brand idea. We executed different ad and audience combinations, analyzed data, and scaled on performing campaigns


Balance Between New User & Engagement

Strategically segregation the budget between App install campaigns and App Engagement campaigns, so that we’re constantly getting purchases from already installed users


Attracting High Quality Users

To increase the quality of users, we shifted 30% of the acquisition campaigns directly on lower funnel event, i.e purchase. This affected the average cost per install, but CPT decreased significantly


Multiple Offers for Remarketing

Weekly changing the offers on app engagement campaigns, for users to pick and choose different product combinations. Since the offers were usually related to the minimum order value and multiple product combinations, it cultivated an increase in Customer Lifetime Value(CLTV) and Average Order Value(AOV)

Marketing Funnel

App Marketing : 10 ROAS with Scale Snackstar Case Study 2 3

Ad Creatives

How we
did it

App Marketing : 10 ROAS with Scale chrome 4YgcScfTWa 4

Using the right creatives

We worked with the brand on the creative angle & as to how the intro video should talk about a problem and solution. We leveraged that on one of the best audiences that we found by initial testing of static creatives.

After we analyzed data on these creatives, we segregated the winning creatives and put them in working campaigns. This led to better quality campaigns and stable revenue

Agile Audience Targeting

The creative worked well because of a precisely handpicked audience and constituted  majority of the sales/conversions.

After testing vigorously videos and creatives around USPs, we found winning creatives + Audience combinations

Reading the Pulse of the Data

The data stated we’re getting a significant number of installers, we focused on audiences that gave us a lowest cost per install and brought it down in the range of 1-2 Rs.

We had built a strong upper funnel, with huge potential to convert them later by engagement campaigns

Strengthening the Middle Funnel

We harnessed these installers by app engagement campaigns, by introducing weekly new offers, which significantly impacted our app engagement time, DAUs, and funnel events like atc/checkouts.

We analyzed the data, shifted the budgets accordingly on the working offers, leading to strong middle funnel campaigns

Balancing the Flow of New user & Installed Users

Lastly, we maintained a balance between new user acquisition campaigns and app engagement campaigns to give us stable ROAS and revenue growth.

A constant stream of users was flowing through high-quality campaigns in upper and middle funnels, leading to stable growth


App Marketing : 10 ROAS with Scale Snackstar Case Study 1 5

Week on Week Revenue

This graph shows the multiple of revenue we did a week on week since the start. You can witness the rapid growth of revenue, done by carefully analyzing data through different planes

App Marketing : 10 ROAS with Scale Snackstar Case Study 6

ROAS vs Conversion Rate

The upward growth of ROAS and CR shows optimizations were carried week on week resulting in 10 ROAS. This is an ideal example of how you should scale revenue

App Marketing : 10 ROAS with Scale snackstar app case studies orangedge 7

Users by platform over time

We Found that iOS users gave us better retentions and LTV, so we focused more on acquiring them. A Balance between iOS users and Android users was maintained, leading to stability in the revenue and engagement of the App

App Marketing : 10 ROAS with Scale snackstar app case studies orangedge users 8

Engagement time

Every 15 Days we saw a spike in user engagement, hence introducing weekly offers. These offers helped us in generating a source of stable revenue, as well as, average basket size. We clubbed SKUs that were low sellers, with selling products


App Marketing : 10 ROAS with Scale WhatsApp Image 2021 05 30 at 6.10.52 PM 9

Aryaman Vasant

Founder  “Snackstar

Orangedge has worked on creating a new revenue stream for us, which helped in increasing the brand presence and number of orders. Their data analytical skills and pro-activeness on the testing are commendable.

They’re well versed with the app marketing ecosystem, and did integrations smoothly on platforms. Definitely recommended for performance and app marketing

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