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Client: The Assembly

Category: Performance Marketing


The Assembly is an emerging luggage label based of out of Delhi, focused on providing thoughtful packing solutions across different sizes of luggage. The vision of the brand is to make the travel experience better, enabling smoother transit & better organisation.

Aditya Khanna, the founder, gave us the opportunity to handle their paid media practices and the journey started from there

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The Assembly was relatively new brand having a well thought product and looking to establish themselves as a digital first brand. In order to increase the revenue, we needed to work on the Branding, as well as the Paid ads to give 360° growth. We had to establish a brand, have a stable revenue stream, with rapid growth, while all being profitable to cover all operational costs since it was a bootstrapped brand. 


Since scaling profitably requires a lot of experimentation and data analysis, it was even tougher to test things while maintaining a stable ROAS.


We had to do it all, without being too expensive on the pocket.



Pushing what already works

The using of review video talking about the USP was a hit, we got a lot reactions, shares and likes on the video, it hit and people really wanted to know about the product.


Intrusive ads management

With the right audience, and optimizations, we made the machine running and got us a stable revenue. Along the way we optimized and changed ads and creatives according to the feedback we got from data analytics.


Reinforcing scale

We figured out the best working adset and creative combinations, and made our re-marketing aggressive by ad creatives in stories, carousel and banner sizes. 

Marketing Funnel

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How we
did it

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Agile Audience Targeting

The Overnighter is a great product, and the market had pretty good demand.

So, the video around the USPs had the people liking the product, and since we were very tight on the budget, we went with the tried and tested quality lookalikes.

360 Degree Ad Coverage

Initially we started with 5 adsets, and put the budget on campaign level.

As the data flowed, we eliminated the higher CPT adsets, and strictly went with the adsets giving us CPT ~ Rs. 500

Data Driven Budget Increases

Since the AOV is about 4000, we maintained a stable ROAS on the product. The next thing was to scale, we focused on increasing new users. We were able to atail 400% growth in new users over a span of 2 months.


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Here we have Cost per Transaction(CPT) v/s Conversion Rate (CR). It shows that the scale was well optimized, not only we increased the conversion rate, we also decreased the cost per transaction week by week.

5X Scale in Revenue Assembly Orangedge AOV CR 7


Despite having cut throat competition we have great AOV and CR numbers, way above the industry standards.In our scenario the conversion rate is also at a good peak which only happens when you have a great marketing team by your side.

5X Scale in Revenue Assembly Orangedge CPT ROAS 8


Here we can see a direct relation of CPT and ROAS. This graph is an example of on point marketing with increasing CR and simultaneously  decreasing CPT to increase profitability while spending less money.

5X Scale in Revenue Assembly Orangedge WoW Revenue 9

WoW Revenue

 A very basic Week On Week graph to visualize the revenue growth over a span of 7 weeks.


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Aditya Khanna

Founder  “The Assembly

OrangEdge’s performance marketing skills & enthusiastic approach helped us with our digital distribution goals. I would strongly recommend them to anyone building a digital-first brand & looking for a reliable agency partner.

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