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Link Building

Our experts help your Business acquire best in Industry inbound links to your internal pages, to help build relevancy and improve domain authority. We team dedicatedly focuses on helping you build an authentic diversified link profile, along with anchor text optimization to boost your rankings the right way.

Local SEO

Get the most out of your Google My Business Profile, by boosting your Google Maps Rankings and beating your competition square. With local citations every month, to profile optimization and tweaks; our team of SEOs work extensively to help boost the Map Rankings to drive local customers and enquiries about your Local Business.

Keyword Research

What are your ide8+al customers searching? What are your competitors ranking for? What search terms are bringing you customers? What search terms aren’t profitable? Our team helps you understand the keyword side of your business better, and helps you rank higher for those search terms to bring in more people month in, month out.

Technical SEO

Technical Signals are quickly becoming the cornerstone of SEO. Our team pays extra importance and attention to your content structure, following the best SCHEMA practices to help to rank. At the same time paying importance and helping you optimize site speed and content structure to make your website easier to crawl.

On Page Optimization

From optimizing your existing content, to help improve your URL structure to provide search engines clues to help understand your content better, and rank it faster. We take an extensive and in depth approach when it comes to implementing your On Page Strategy for the best results.

Content Marketing

Our team extensively works with you on best Content Practices for your Industry, and produces high quality Blogs to help you nail your Content Marketing. Google loves good content, and we strive to help your brand put the best content out there, which not only helps you get more inbound links and references, but more traffic and sales at the same time.

Why SEO in Toronto?

SEO has become the single most important source of inbound clients and sales for local businesses in Toronto.

Not only higher rankings in SEO improve your business in bringing in more sales via organic search, but also helps build your credibility and authority in front of your ideal customers. 

Your customers are constantly searching for their needs on Google Bing, Google Maps, and other places, where you have a decent chance of presenting yourself before your competitors. If you are not working on a crisp ironed out SEO strategy to help you get yourself out in front of your ideal customers, you are losing money on the table.

Inbound Marketing

Search Engine Optimization: Toronto final 3 1

Inbound Marketing

Search Engine Optimization: Toronto final 3 1

Beat your Competition and Drive more Sales

Get the most out of your SEO Campaigns, by driving positive value and standing out in front of your customers.

 Our SEO experts design a custom tailored strategy around your brand to help you drive more sales, and leave your competition on the second page (dust).

Our approach helps your brand grow in the most authentic and authoritative way, by providing value at the same time.


Dominate Toronto Local Search with OrangEdge

Stand out in front of your local customers with accelerated Local SEO Strategies for your Business. 

We plan and make a strategy for your business to get more exposure, and attract more local business with industry standard practices to help improve your local rankings.

Inbound Marketing

Search Engine Optimization: Toronto final 3 1

Our Process

Complete Site Audit

The initial step of the process is to audit the state your website is currently in. We go over the industry, your competitors, trends in the industry, which gives you an overall picture of the situation. The audit step tells you the story, about what you need to do, and what your SEO Campaign is going to look like. Upon that we move on to the next step, which is setting up your account, and having some basic checks done.

Complete Site Audit
Account Setup

In this stage, which is the first month of your signing up with us. We work on the few critical things which are essential before we begin work on your off page SEO. The account setup phase includes ensuring Google Analytics is recording your Data correctly.

Tweaking Google Search Console, setting up and optimizing your Google My Business listing. And working on optimizing URL structure, and a few basics checks like Site Speed, and website indexing which are essential for your website to be ready to receive love from google.

Account Setup
Keyword Research

After the setup phase, our team goes ahead and researches relevant keywords which might be essential for your business to rank for. And we review them with you, and create a plan around that for you to rank for those terms. 

We set the right expectations, and tell you about the competition for each of those terms, and what time it might likely take for you to reach those positions, and beat your competitors. Basically in this phase, it is more about setting priorities, and deciding which keywords to pursue, and which to leave out for later due to high competition.

Keyword Research
Link Building

After we have locked in the keywords we prepare a content plan that fits your needs, and drive value to your potential clients. Upon the plan, we get it approved by you, and begin the work of producing content and optimizing it. 

This may include local landing pages to drive highly relevant inbound traffic and optimizing your blog posts, to help drive traffic to them, so you have customers in your funnels, which you can later convert down the road.

Link Building
Content Generation and Optimization

After we have locked in the keywords we prepare a content plan that fits your needs, and drive value to your potential clients. Upon the plan, we get it approved by you, and begin the work of producing content and optimizing it. 

This may include local landing pages to drive highly relevant inbound traffic and optimizing your blog posts, to help drive traffic to them, so you have customers in your funnels, which you can later convert down the road.

Content Generation and Optimization
Link Building

After the content is in place, we begin the phase which is one of the most important ranking factors; link building. If we are also driving local customers and traffic, we also produce local NAP citations for your business along with links from relevant websites. 

This helps build the trust and authenticity Google and other major search engines are looking for as ranking signals. 

But this part usually takes a decent amount of time, before you can see massive results coming in. But it’s still a rewarding process, nonetheless.

Link Building
Measure and Scale

We report monthly dashboards and measure the results in KPIs which matter. They directly related to your rankings in search engine results, and relevant traffic interested in your services and products.

Important KPIs include your Backlink Profile, your Indexing Reports, Monthly Traffic, Channel and medium Breakdown, SERP Rankings(Search Engine Results’ Pages). This gives us an idea and enough data to track and measure your performance, and help decide the steps ahead to take your business to the next level.

Measure and Scale

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Complete Website Audit

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360° Winning

White Hat SEO

Using White Hat SEO techniques taking care of all search engine rules and policies. The website is optimized, yet focuses on relevancy and organic ranking.

On-Page SEO

Get ranked higher by just optimizing your present web pages with respect to the keywords and competition. On-Page SEO is where we start to see results while being in control.

Off-Page SEO

Taking actions outside the website to build a better brand with authority. Going beyond link building and making On-Page work better for you.

Technical SEO

knees deep into code, figuring out ways to make your website Seach engine friendly. From crawl errors to schema changes. We take care of it all.

Keyword Research

Reaching goals and making targets is more about planning rather than execution. With the best Keyword Research, very little efforts can reap results instantly.

Competitor Analysis

Win a race by learning what your competitor is weak at, Looking for backlinks opportunities & learning how does your competitor fairs against you.

Local Search Optimization

Dominate your Local Search Results with optimized Google My Business Listing and a strategy to help you stand in front of your local customers when it matters.

Why Choose Us

Relevancy and Value

Our SEO team ensures that your SEO strategy is not only focused on bringing in results for you. But also, at the same time, we make it a point to ensure it is relevant to your audience at all times. This is what ensures long time trust and commitment leading to a loyal customer base.

Constant A/B Testing:

We as Marketers know how important is A/B testing is, for constantly seeing what’s working, and how we can improve on your inbound campaigns. Our team is constantly testing out new copies, different CTA elements on your Landing Pages, the content you use to target your customers. We make sure that every element of the process has been tested to be a best fit for your audience. Hence, you have a peace of mind, that we left no stone unturned.


Our team understands the importance of effective communications in a positive customer journey and outstanding customer experience. That is the reason, our team of SEO experts provide you with regular updates on the progress of SEO Campaigns. That being said, it is ensured you are aware of each stage, and are included in any key decisions to help steer the SEO Campaigns the way you would prefer for your business. 

Sales Enablement:

Empower your sales team with the information, content, tools and resources necessary to close and convert more. Shorten the customer acquisition cycle by weeks. Whether you are b2b or b2c, our SEO Campaigns are designed in a way to help you convert more and build a strong base of loyal customers.


We have been in the SEO game since a long time now. We have all the Google Algorithm Updates pass, and adapted our strategies with each one of them. So, you know we are expert in the field and now what we deliver and promise on.

Our team includes SEO Professionals who have been working in the industry since many years now. So, you know you are in right hands. When you are looking to get higher rankings for your business on Google and Bing search engine results. Oh, also other search engines as well.

Data Driven Approach

Our team of SEOs is good in analyzing data, figuring out the trends, and making KPIs better, day by day. Knowing when to hit and where to hit, is only possible when a team does deep data analysis, and we do that, exactly. All the inbound efforts are taken by a deep data analysis to ensure we are not just shooting arrows in the dark.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of helping search engines understand your content better, and providing them with clues to help rank your website higher in the search results.

All in all, as the name suggests, it is practice of optimizing your website for search engines so you get more people landing on your website and interacting with your business.

There are several moving parts to this, as SEO in Toronto involves Keyword Research, Technical SEO, On Page Optimization, Link Building, Local SEO, and Technical SEO. Let’s get on a call and discuss how we can help your Business achieve the results you’ve dreamt with a crisp custom tailored strategy.

There is no exact answer to that. SEO Pricing depends on a lot of dynamic factors, but mostly the most important variable in the equation is how competitive the industry and search terms are, with which you are trying to rank for?

Also, another thing which determines the pricing of your SEO is the quality of service you get. Good SEO will never be cheap, and cheap SEO will never be good.

Using a cheap SEO would look good in the short term, but you would highly risk getting penalized as cheap seo services often use black hat techniques to help you boost your rankings. But later, you risk getting penalized by google, and never having to land on page ever again. So pricing depends on various factors.

We at OranEdge, would love to discuss your package for you, and follow a custom tailored approach, and discuss the deliverables and timelines. We do have a basic structure of our packages, and the level of service we provide, but we often make changes to them depending on the need of our clients and scope of work.

Again, that is a very subjective question and there is no one size fits all answer to this. It can depend on the time and effort you are putting into your SEO strategy and execution. And your industry and competitors have a major role to play in that as well.

According to a survey, generally it takes anywhere from 9 to 16 months for a webpage to gain the desired ranking. But that is a general trend. Again, for your business, it may take more time, for some it may take less.

However, by analyzing your website and competitors, we should be able to give you an estimate of how much work there needs to be put in, and we can have a ballpark timeline. As in the world of SEO nothing is definite. If someone guarantees you rankings in 6 months, etc. They are just trying to get your money by saying what you need to hear. We at OrangEdge, believe in presenting you the right image backed by data and analysis.

If done correctly, SEO can help boost your business organically and bring in a ton of customers, while building trust and authority, since they found you on the first page of search results.

That being said, reaching that stage, can take hard work, and patience, and discipline. SEO is a great investment, but many people mistake it as being a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. Which it is definitely not. Sure, a great investment, which can help you take your business to the next level, but it takes time and effort.

As you can see, there is a basic one time setup fee with our packages, which involves some basic setup of your website, including Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Tag Manager setup along with some basic setups which are required for you to begin the work on SEO.

However, we waive off the initial setup fee, if you sign up with a 3 month retainer. That being said, our basic one time setup fee is the same across all plans, and costs about $300.

We at OrangEdge work tirelessly to bring you the results you deserve, and help you get the most ROI for your every single penny spent.

That being said, if for whatsoever reason, you believe that you are not satisfied with our service, you can back out at any given time. 

Yes and No. SEO is all about beating your competitors. If you stop working on your SEO and your competitors, keep working on it, even though you are ahead in the game, someday they are going to catch up, and you won’t be the number one. But if they don’t, you might get to stay at the top unless.

But that rarely happens. A good idea is to keep working on your SEO constantly and gradually so that you keep building and improving your rankings by optimizing your website better and better by authenticity and trust.

We sent out monthly reporting dashboards, which list down the work which was done including any optimization work, inbound links which were built, and the progress and movements of your rankings for relevant keywords would optimize your website for.

This gives you an in-depth look at the work which we did, and how it is helping you keep on track to rank higher and higher in the search results.

Yes, we do offer Google PPC Services. The packages for PPC services are structured a bit differently, but we will be more than glad to talk and analyze and help integrate that into your SEO Plan and Pricing.

SEO and PPC perform great together, as they give you an initial boost, and a constant flow in traffic, which gets you track, where you can keep working on SEO in the coming months.

No, you don’t necessarily have to sign a contract, as we highly believe in the quality of our service. If an agency makes you sign a contract, it usually means they are not confident enough in the quality of service they provide, so they want to lock you in.

We at OrangEdge, highly believe in the quality and positive value our services offer for your business. And that is the reason, you can leave us whenever you want/ This gives business owners a good indication that we value customer service and value more than anything

Local SEO refers to the practice of optimizing for specific local areas where your business operates. It involves citations, and boosting your Google Maps Rankings, and optimizing your Google My Business Profile to achieve targeted local customers interested in your Business.

For example, if you are a florist in Miami. Optimizing your website specifically for terms like “florist in Miami” instead of terms like “florist” or “florist in Florida”. This ensures that you get highly targeted people, who are relevant and are searching for the services you provide in your area.

Keyword Research is a process in which we use industry leading tools and services including Google’s own first party data to look for what your ideal customers are searching. And then analyzing competition on relevant search terms, and then build a custom tailored strategy for your business to help dominate the search results.

Link Building is the practice of getting inbound links from authoritative websites in your industry. This not only helps your website build trust and authority in the eyes of google, which in turn boosts your rankings, but at the same time, brings good referrals for your business via those links.

For example, if you own a flower business in Miami, and your website got an inbound link from the local Miami Magazine website, this will not only tell google that your business is authentic and relevant, but also the readers of that magazine would check out your website. A good link building campaign is always a win-win.

We carefully strategize your link building plan to ensure that all the links you gather are relevant and high quality, and help you stay away from any possible penalties that Google might impose on your website otherwise.

Local Citations are listings of your Business which help improve the local search results for your Business. In a broader perspective, building citations to your business is like Link Building for your deep general pages.

However, link building is still an important dimension of the equation along with NAP Citations. They help boost rank and build trust with search engines, that your Google My Business Listing is authentic and legitimate.