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Drip Email Marketing: Increase Revenue by Retention

Businesses, in a race of looking for ways to get new customers, forget about their existing customers. While it is said in a report on Getresponse that- “there’s a 32% chance your…

Marketing budget optimization | Basic how-to’s

To maximize profitability, every dollar must be allocated effectively. Here is how to get the most out of marketing budgets. 1. Invest in what works best Set up your goals…


Importance of data science in digital marketing

Data science in marketing can be used for deriving meaningful business outcomes, understanding audience real, time behavior, running different experiments, tailoring the personalized digital experience, optimizing their campaigns etc but…


How Social Proof can help you Increase your Sales by 20%

A customer’s decision to purchase something from your business only depends upon many factors. How can you make a customer buy your product rather than your competitor? You have to…

Increase customer loyalty – An 11 step guide

 Increase customer loyalty because what a lot of us are unaware of is that it costs a business about 5-25 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell…


Simple steps to Boost E-commerce business amidst COVID-19 outbreak

The global pandemic, corona virus is spreading, and it is spreading fast. And here are a few tips to boost E-commerce business amidst COVID-19 outbreak As more and more nations…


Best Bidding Strategies for your SEM Campaign

Everyone who is running an SEM Campaign would agree that it is definitely not a child’s play. Running an SEM campaign is a lot more than just creating an exceptional…


How to Make Killer Google PPC Copies?

There is no surprise in the fact that ads are a huge and immensely important part of any PPC or Pay Per Click Programs. Anyone who is running one of…

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