Building a Multi-Channel 360 Degree Performance Marketing Funnel

Get to know how to make cross platform funnels that help in increasing your revenue, and offer better conversions. They help in brand recall and constant engagement on multiple platforms constituting to more revenue.

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What's Inside

This Marketing resource is created by Orangedge for ecommerce owners to understand how to create a cross platform funnel that could help them in creating a digital impact and increasing their revenue.

Useful for

Business owners who are looking to scale their business, or want to know how to make cross platform marketing funnels. Mainly For

  • Ecommerce Store Owners
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Enthusiasts

You will learn

Significance of different marketing platforms, how to use them in your funnels and on what kind of audience. This ebook will help you in making funnels like a professional and understand core principles when it comes to marketing platforms

Create better cross platform marketing funnels today

Ebook Contains -

Classification of the Ads platforms

How to use classification in a funnel

Building a marketing funnel

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